27 Jul 2021

Full-Time 3D Visualizer Architect


Job Description

3D Visualizer Architect

We seek a specialized and motivated 3D Visualizer Architect for Interior design with demonstrated capability to develop high-quality, realistic walkthroughs, and proven knowledge and experience in AutoCAD and rendering processes. The candidate must have attention to detail and easily understand the projects. He must have the artistic and practical skills needed to work closely with designers and the Architectural Visualization team and create visually correct renderings, animation, and presentations.


  1. Modeling projects from minimum drafts, guidance, and coordinate individually with architects and third parties when required.
  2. Must be expert level on Unreal Datasmith transformation, Autodesk 3ds Max Exportation to Unreal Engine, Unreal Engine GPU LightMass, and latest Unreal Engine and Virtual Reality experiences are mandatory.
  3. Studying and precisely understand architectural designs, 2D CAD files, or other 3D modeling data of projects for interior design and carrying them out to produce convincing imagery or graphic representation. It may involve visual interpretation to signify the concepts into photo-realistic 3D renderings and animations.
  4. Creating building models in various graphic mediums. It involves 2D and 3D image compositing, finishing, and retouching operations on 3D renderings.
  5. Working on Architectural 3D Modelling, texturing, lighting, and animation.
  6. Creating 3d walk-through & fly-through animation or CGI (computer-generated imagery). Evaluating post-production aspects and enhancing visuals/walk-through using Photoshop, After Effects, and other related software.
  7. Creating exceptionally photo Interior Spaces designs and representations for the external and internal characteristics and backdrop of the project.
  8. Working thoroughly and simultaneously with architectural and design teams. Assisting them to plan and produce visualizations or presentations for construction projects.
  9. Dealing with new solutions (both hardware and software) and keeping up-to-date with relevant innovation to improve the quality of visualizations and increase efficiency.
  10. Presenting and accurately explaining visuals to colleagues and clients. Preparing advanced presentations in various graphic mediums. Produce high-quality atmospheric visualizations for competition and client presentations.


  1. Extensive knowledge and expertise with design software and application such as AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Autodesk 3D Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lumion, V-Ray, Corona, Sketch up, After-Effects, and other special effects software.
  2. Outstanding French and English verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Critical, artistic, and creative thinking skills.
  4. High professional reliability.
  5. A serious team player with strong organizational, communication, and presentation skills.
  6. Strong organizational skills and capacity to accomplish multiple projects and different tasks in the specified time frame.
  7. Active person with a pleasant attitude, confident, and outgoing personality.
  8. A knack for understanding and interpreting architectural designs and concepts and make simple but effective presentations as required.
  9. Exhibit the ability to achieve high-quality outputs in a range of media.
  10. Knowledge in export an FBX to unreal engine games or from any 3D software.
  11. Knowledge in export levels in Unreal Engine Games
  12. Knowledge in Blender Software and Rhinoceros.
  13. Knowledge in Photo Editing using Adobe Photoshop
  14. Having initiative and the ability to work i.ndependently.
  15. Stays updated with the advancement of graphics software and design trends.
  16. Exceptional attention to detail and a keen eye for photo editing.
  17. Flexibility to work for extra time, if required.


  1. A degree in Architecture or other Architectural qualifications, visualization, and equivalent Technical certificate is preferred.
  2. A degree in 3D Design Virtual Spaces.
  3. Proven post-qualification architectural practice and creating 3d high-quality architectural/interior motionless images and animations using Unreal Engine.
  4. Minimum of 2 years experience as a 3D visualizer or any related position.
  5. A collection of high-quality Interior Spaces work produced from past projects is beneficial.
  6. Experience in creating imagery with a pictorial awareness is beneficial but not essential.
  7. Express a keen eye for constructive detail, composition, and visual description.
  8. Knowing related visualization and photorealistic rendering methods and efficiently converse on strong technical knowledge on the production of images and illustrations through model creations acquired from architectural sketches.

Note: This job is based in Abu Dhabi

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