2 Feb 2017

Full-Time Finance and Administrative Executive

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

The Finance and Administration Manager is projected to compel best practices in financial management, human resources management and administrative management within the organization to make the most of competence and development. She/he will manage a team and supervise financial management, investors’ relations, administration, human resources and compliance activities.

Office & Administrative Management Role

Be responsible for and administer the staff delivering the following functions:

  • The reception & front of house functions e.g. first point of contact services
  • The physical infrastructure for the operations e.g. premises, equipment and assets.
  • The administrative function e.g. records management, inwards & outwards mail, purchasing, diary management.
  • Ensure that recruiting processes are consistent and streamlined.
  • Establish and manage a comprehensive training program to educate employees regarding staff tools, policies and procedures.
  • Work closely and visibly with all external partners including third-party vendors and consultants.
  • Oversee administrative functions as well as facilities to ensure proficient and reliable operations as the organization scales.
  • Following all the tenders/projects

Financial Management

Budgets and Management Reporting

  • Preparation of management reports and actual against business plan & budget as required.
  • Provide management reporting to Executive Director and Finance and Audit Committee.
  • Prepare cash flow management processes.
  • Manage processes to record & reconcile expenses against income and provide regular management reporting
  • Analyze and present financial reports in an accurate and timely manner; clearly communicate monthly and annual financial statements; collate financial reporting materials for all donor segments, and oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting.
  • Coordinate and lead the annual audit process, liaise with external auditors and the finance committee of the board of directors; assess any changes necessary
  • Registering the company with all the end-users
  • Take all the necessary steps for the pre-qualification with the Economic Department
  • Oversee and lead annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with the ED; administer and review all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes and keep senior leadership team abreast of the organization’s financial status.
  • Manage organizational cash flow and forecasting.
  • Execute strong contracts management and financial management/ reporting system
  • Ensure that the contract billing and collection schedule is adhered to and that financial data and cash flow are steady and support prepared requirements.
  • Update and implement all necessary business policies and accounting practices; enhance the finance department’s overall policy and procedure manual.
  • Efficiently communicate and present the critical financial matters to the board of directors.

Overall purpose of the job:

  • To ensure effective calculated and operational financial planning, monitoring and reporting to enhance the decision making process of the Senior Management Team (SMT) and the Trustees.
  • To ensure the Trust and its subsidiaries conform to all legal and external requirements and regulations.
  • To ensure that Finance and HR processes support the effective running of the business. As a senior leader in the organization and a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), the Head of Finance and Administration will be a key player in creating the culture that is required and maintaining healthy financial and administrative wellbeing.



  • Demonstrable experience in a similar role in a non profit, membership or training environment or small to medium business environment with 7 years experience in finance, administration and payroll
  • Demonstrable supervisory experience of administrative staff
  • Experience in the development of positions, systems and procedures
  • Experience in project management
  • Demonstrated experience leading improvement initiatives


  • Good understanding of accounting principles including accrual accounting, reconciliations, general ledger journals, preparedness to learn more complex principles
  • Proficient high level user of accounting software
  • Good understanding of HR management administration and finance
  • A high level of knowledge and competency in Microsoft Office especially Word and Excel
  • Confidence with use of computer networks.

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