15 Jul 2020

Full-Time Finance Auditor

Job Description

Within the Internal Audit Department, you perform audit missions of operational and financial processes to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date and maintaining financial records and documents comply with applicable standards and regulations.

As such, your main responsibilities will be:

  • Preparation of the work program on the basis of the prior risk assessment;
  • Collating, checking and analyzing spreadsheet data
  •  Documentation of tests carried out and drafting of audit reports with the formulation of recommendations in a clear, concise and relevant manner, with an explanation of the risks;
  • Maintain a regular and professional level of communication with the various interlocutors (audited, management, etc.);
  • Presentation and discussion of audit findings with Management;
  • Ensure the implementation of action plans and their follow-up;
  • Promote the strengthening of internal control mechanisms in the Group’s subsidiaries by acting as a benchmark on best practices and by providing recommendations to improve the internal control environment and operational efficiency;
  • Participate in ad hoc transversal projects for General Management.

Required profile:

  • Bachelor degree
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in external or internal audit
  • Analytical reasoning developed, knowledge of data analytics tools would be an advantage
  • Teamwork, proactivity, proven communication skills
  • Ability to communicate in English, both written and oral.

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