16 Jul 2020

Full-Time Logistics Manager for E-Commerce Company

Job Description

If you have proven experience in the logistics services, especially in the E-commerce industry, and want to become a pioneer in DutyMall.com and support its growth in the shipment, delivery, and installation of its products and services, then this job position might interest you. DutyMall.com is a new Venture of Adgeco Group.

We are in the process of staffing our leadership team, who will manage our systems and then support and grow our business in the E-commerce field. We are looking for an experienced Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, who is well-versed and flourishes in the world of e-commerce to join us and oversee our operations and procedures.

As a logistics manager, you become an intermediary between the purchasing department, which directs the reception of goods, the supply department, which monitors the number of orders sent to the points of sale, and the sales department in charge of selling the products. You will have to create secure connections with the IT team and business shareholders. You are crucial in the establishment and implementation of strategic plans to aid the business in achieving its goals and objectives.

Also, the Logistics Manager cooperates closely with internal and external business partners to bring constant development and carry out proposals to meet the strategic goals of the company.

This position oversees and supports the day-to-day transactions and undertakings of the e-Commerce Logistics Department. It also covers oversight of transportation, warehousing, and related costs.

He is responsible for setting up staff schedules relating to receiving orders, managing stock, and ensuring that the purchases align with business activity. That way, every department in the company—especially purchasing, supply, and sales—has maximum visibility and can plan accordingly. His top priority is making sure that delivery times, together with the quality and quantity of orders, are respected. He must always be updated regarding the inventory and must be able to control the stock.


  1. The ideal candidate will be Tech savvy and well updated on the systems of E-commerce and social media.
  2. Passionate and have experience in the field of logistics.
  3. Higher Education is preferred but not a must.
  4. Having a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Information Technology, Engineering, or related course is preferred.
  5. Should have at least 3-4 years experience in Customer service and E-commerce Business.
  6. A minimum experience of eight years working as Operations or Logistics Manager or related position is preferred.
  7. Well-experienced in working and meeting up with the shareholders and other interested parties.
  8. Highly proactive, results-driven, and confident attitude.
  9. Has experience working with or for third party logistics service providers.
  10. Strong social and interpersonal skills
  11. Must possess reliable and effective Organizational and Leadership skills
  12. Detail-oriented and with strong analytical skills.
  13. Must have convincing communication skills and decent oral and written English skills.
  14. Must be well updated in Health and Safety Requirements.
  15. Must have a background and applied knowledge in Quality Management System.
  16. Must be aware of Food Safety Management System.
  17. Highly skilled in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel and PowerPoint.


  1. Organizing and tracking the shipments
  2. Coordinating with the drivers about transportation, loads and movement
  3. Developing and authorizing timetables from the point of sale to delivery.
  4. Operating of e-commerce and IT-related systems and equipment.
  5. Providing support for and negotiating technical difficulties.
  6. Arranging the itineraries and load booking for multi-drop deliveries using the available system.
  7. Earmarking and logging resources and its movements on the transport planning system.
  8. Ensuring all partners in the supply chain are doing their responsibilities effectively and proficiently for a streamlined operation.
  9. Engagement with sub-contractors and ensuring they deliver within approved terms.
  10. Monitoring the transport expenses as well as negotiating with transportation costs.
  11. Managing the skills and competency development of the Warehouse and Logistics Team.
  12. Identifying and accomplishment of cost-saving and cost-reduction prospects.
  13. Contribute to developing Organizational Operations Policies.
  14. Creating short and long-term goals and objectives that must efficiently adhere to the company’s vision and mission.
  15. Developing Statistical studies and surveys that will help with continuous improvement.
  16. Participating in the preparation and presentation of Departmental Budgets during the Business Strategic Planning Meeting.
  17. Providing direction on daily operations and reviews data and reports.
  18. Attending meetings and represents the Logistics Department.
  19. Acting as a reference or point of contact during second and third-party audits and inspections inside the company.
  20. Providing quarterly and annual reports regarding logistics performance to upper management.
  21. Managing all documented information related to the Logistics and Warehouse Department.

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